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Three Sentence

Claims of Threesomes and Moresomes

Fifty Themes, Moresome Parings
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Write One Sentence for Fifty Themes: Moresome Claims
Welcome to 3sentence.

Do you like 1sentence, but always wanted to claim a threesome/moresome paring? If that's the case then this place is for you.

The rules are basically the same, write one sentence for each theme, but here you claim threesomes/moresomes instead of a two-character paring.


This might seem very elementary, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

1. First, join the community.

2. Comment on this entry with your claim, and make sure you include the characters' full names, plus the fandom they're from. Also, which theme set you're using.

3. Each member may only claim up to two pairings.

4. Each pairing may only be claimed once. (For example, if someone has already claimed Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood, you cannot claim it until he/she completes his/her theme set.)

5. There must be one sentence for each theme; no combining themes.

6. You can only post your sentences once you have completed all 50 sentences on one theme set.

7. Sentences can only be posted once you have been listed in the claimed list.

8. If you have completed your claim, or want to give up your claim, you may do so in this entry.

9. Be civil to each other, and please, no bashing just because you don't like one particular pairing, etc. Rude members will be given a warning once, and if the same offense is repeated, he/she will be banned.

10. When posting your claim, post it with comments allowed, because we won't be able to add it to the memories section otherwise.

11. If you are going to post several claims at the same time, still post them in separate entries.


There are currently five theme sets, so you may choose one of them to use for your claim. You may not mix the themes from more than one set, of course.

Theme sets: One-Five

Please try and complete your theme set as soon as you can, because someone else might be waiting to claim your pairing. After two months, I'll check in on you. You don't have to do them in their proper order, of course, and the interpretation of themes is all up to you.

If you're having trouble in getting your claim[s] done within 2 months, please give up your claim for the time being.

It is highly recommended that you complete your theme set before claiming, and posting after your claim has been listed. This is to avoid the long wait others would have to endure. In other words, please be considerate.


Please use the format below to post your claims. Note that this is just a guideline, you may alter it slightly to suit your needs.


To claim
Already claimed, listed by fandoms
Completed claims, listed by authors a-e
Completed claims, listed by authors f-k
Completed claims, listed by authors l-r
Completed claims, listed by authors s-z
Completed claims notice/dropped claims


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