Well, I've caught up everything. We've got a couple people trying the new Tarot Challenge sets. I appreciate it. I've cleaned out the Claimed Lists to reflect the emails, comments I received. I've also posted the links in the Completed Claimed sections. You may want to double check me. If you see any problems, please PM me or just comment below.

I've also created a new 'Disney' section because of a request. Any other ideas, just let me know.

Thanks again for participation.

Later, SR

Tarot Card Challenge

Here is the new Tarot card challenge for everyone. This will be a drabble challenge (100 to 1000) words, but if you come up with something longer, I won't gripe. I'll let you split the list with a writing partner, however, one person must do all the 'reverse meanings' while the other person does the 'upright meanings.'  You should end up with 22 drabbles, 44 if you're really daring. Each card in the Major Arcana has two meanings depending on how they end up placed.

Below the lj cut I've listed the meanings of the Tarot cards for prompts. You must claim your 1) fandom 2) characters 3) and reverse or upright meaning. Please claim here. Or comment below. Enjoy!
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